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 Look at these sticks! These are quality sticks! 
- Mark
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I did it! I managed to spend $755 at Boston Market.

32 visits
11 Stores
107 Meals
53 People

It took over a year and this project has come to a close. My final meal was with Kenny and was subsidized by the $10 Gift Card contribution from Mark and Jeff on my birthday last year.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being such sports for participating.

So what have I learned from this experience?

It takes a long time for one person to spend $750 at Boston Market, even when you're sharing it with others.

There are only two Boston Markets in Manhattan: here and here.

People love free food.

People really do win viral video contests.

This was fun!

Things I would have liked to have done:

Ask a stranger on the line if they'd like a free meal.

Ask a homeless or needy person on the street if they would like to join me for lunch.

Things that would make the Boston Market experience better:

Real silverware! If it's home cooked goodness you want, then how about a real fork and knife?

Healthier sides. True, without mashed potatoes and stuffing, it's just not a meal, but the steamed veggies and string beans are really the only health conscious options to choose from.

More salads. There are only 2 salads to choose from – the 'Chopped' and the…. I can't even remember. The chopped salad was pretty good though!

More specials. In over a year there were no real changes or new offerings on the menu. This was a bit disappointing when you've been there over 30 times in the last year.

Ideas for the future if Boston Market is interested: (yes, I bought it):

One hundred is child's play. Let's do one thousand! How?

Idea 1: Feed the homeless

Idea 2: National Tour

When I have some extra time I will be adding some final graphs to the site. Until then, happy holidays!

- Keith


Sean is in town this month visiting from his new home in Denmark. After a night of drinks at Will's we decided a Sunday afternoon Boston Market lunch would be the perfect hang over cure. We took a stroll over to local store #546, snapped some photos and ate.

Only $5 left! But for my birthday last year Mark and Jeff got me a $10 gift card so it's not over yet! I believe I promised Kenny one last meal. Right buddy?

To celebrate my birthday (9/20) some friends and I traveled up to New Paltz, New York to enjoy fresh Maine lobsters at Rivendell Winery's 13th annual lobster fest. The following afternoon Alexis and I stopped by the annual New City Festival and munched on some delicious kettle corn. Right across the street was a Boston Market. We just had a big breakfast and I just needed some water. Alexis had a mashed potato craving and I have one more visit at a new store. Only $26.49 to go!
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